Take Control of Energy Consumption and Capitalize on Savings

Simplify Energy Management with Automation

Energy is undeniably a big ticket item. From consumption to comfort, the degree of control you have over HVAC and lighting directly impacts your tenants and your budget.

Built to benefit owners, operators, and tenants alike, the Alerton Ascent line of products maximizes energy efficiency while optimizing comfort.

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Depend on the Syserco Family of Products for Flexibility and Performance

Ascent Compass

Advanced, yet easy to use, Compass enables operators to schedule efficient equipment start times, ensure load optimization, monitor energy use, and track savings.

Ascent Microset4

With the sleek, touchscreen-enabled Microset4, room occupants can view indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, and change fan status and room temperature set points.

Ascent Control Module

Featuring Alerton ingenuity, BACnet, and the Tridium Niagara Framework, the ACM supports hundreds of controllers, multiple communication networks, and enhanced automation features.

VLC Field Controllers

Alerton’s VLC field controllers are fully programmable and 100% native BACnet.  Available in a wide array of point counts, the VLC is a durable, flexible, and cost-effective way to control your facility’s mechanical equipment.

Central Equipment Controllers

Alerton’s VLC Central Equipment Controllers deliver the high-end processing power required to run complex algorithms that control central plants, air handling units, and other critical equipment. The fully programmable and 100% native BACnet controllers include time clocks, hand-off auto switches, and  I/O expansion capability.

Tridium Niagra Family

Tridium’s Niagara Framework allows you to integrate diverse systems and devices, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol, into a single unified platform. Tridium’s driver technology allows building owners to create a more intelligent interoperative building that is less costly to operate.

Capitalize on the Benefits of Building Automation

Fine-Tune Energy Conservation with Intelligence

Centralize Equipment Operation and Management

Run energy optimization scenarios to determine optimal settings.

Integrate and automate equipment operation.

Collect operational data for trend analyses.

Optimize central plant operations.

Provide notifications for alarms and events.

Deliver effective and efficient demand response.

Monitor environments and equipment.

Track equipment for life-cycle management.