Energy Efficiency is Simply Good Business

Comfort and cost savings go hand in hand.

An effective energy management system pays off—it improves employee comfort, increases productivity, and lowers operating costs. For organizations with offices around the world, our systems aggregate your global energy data for enterprise-wide tracking and management.

Our team is ready to support yours.

Experts at energy-related infrastructure planning and energy management systems, we engineer, install, and maintain the system for you. No project is too big and no location is too far away. Our team is highly adept at managing large-scale projects across the country and around the globe.

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Featured Projects

Pleasanton, CA  
Clorox Company Corporate R&D Campus  

6 Building(s)  343,000 sq ft.

New Construction,Retrofit  LEED Gold   

Fast-Track Design Build project consisting of
Pilot Plant, Laboratory and Office Space

Complex HVAC Control systems were required
to meet user requirements in Pilot Plant Space

Menlo Park, CA  
Headquarters and Data Center  

57 Building(s)  8,000,000+ sq ft.

New Construction,Retrofit     

Campus-wide Electrical and Water
Submetering System

Enterprise-wide Fault Detection/Diagnostics
based upon the facilityCARE FDD platform

Sunnyvale, CA  
580 North Mary – Corporate Headquarters  

1 Building(s)  125,000 sq ft.

New Construction  LEED Gold   

LinkedIn’s Headquarters Facility


Project included a highly accelerated delivery

VF Outdoor  
Alameda, CA  
New Corporate Campus  

4 Building(s)  210,000 sq ft.

Design Build  LEED Gold   

Net Zero Energy Use Campus


Micro-Windmills & Solar PV arrays - Energy
offset & EMCS demand reduction measures