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Our Energy Solutions team works with public entities and private organizations to identify ways to improve your building infrastructure, optimize energy consumption, and reduce annual utility costs. We develop, design, and deliver turnkey solutions that improve safety and comfort, reduce your carbon footprint, and optimize facility-wide operations.

Take advantage of energy savings performance contracting.

We're passionate about energy conservation, and we strive to make it easy for organizations to identify, assess, and invest in facility improvements that improve operations and lower utility costs. Our holistic, performance-based approach features energy performance contracting—a service that enables you to finance improvements with your annual utility and operational cost savings. As your partner, Syserco Energy Solutions stands behind—and guarantees—project construction costs and ongoing system performance.

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When it Comes to Energy Efficiency, Improvements Pay for Themselves

Analyze Infrastructure and Make Improvements

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Recognized as the local leader in energy management, Syserco Energy Services brings a wealth of experience and resources to your doorstep. With more than 150 employees—each with ties to the Bay Area community—we have a vested interest in making your buildings more comfortable and more economical to operate.

Our value proposition is simple. We listen intently to our clients’ needs, we’re innovative in our solution development, we assume risk by guaranteeing project costs and energy savings, and we are passionate about the purposeful work we do.

Featured Projects

Boston Properties - Embarcadero Center  
San Francisco, CA  
Embarcadero Center - 1EC, 2EC, 3EC, 4EC  

4 Building(s)  3,600,000 sq ft.

Retrofit  LEED Gold   

Multi-Year occupied retrofit of a legacy BAS in
4 Class A Office Towers

Saved over 1 Mega Watt via enhanced

City of Mountain View  
Mountain View, CA  
Public Library  

1 Building(s)  70,000 sq ft.


The City of Mountain View Public Library
serves over 660,000 visitors per year

Reduction of their energy spend to approx.
one half of the recent trending cost

Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District  
Fairfield & Suisun City, CA  
Fairfield Suisun District EE  

Building(s)  1,700,000 sq ft.

Energy Services     

Self-Funding Energy Project Returns over
$110,000/year through energy cost avoidance

Addition of integrated, DDC control for 248
standalone classrooms at 28 schools

Oakland Unified School District  
Oakland, CA  
Oakland USD District EE  

Multiple Building(s)  520,000 sq ft.

Energy Savings Performance Contract     

ESPC returns over $69,000/year to the district’s
general fund through energy cost savings

Upgrade of existing interior lighting & lighting
controls across 3 district campuses

Westin St. Francis on Union Square  
San Francisco, CA  
Energy Efficiency Upgrades  

2 Building(s)  1,200,000 sq ft.

Energy Services     

Controls retrofit of a historical landmark built
in 1904

Annual savings of 600,000 kWh avoiding over
$80,000 in yearly energy expense

Zynga - 650 Townsend  
San Francisco, CA  
Corporate Campus  

1 Building(s)  780,000 sq ft.

Retrofit  LEED Gold   

Occupied Retrofit of legacy mixed BAS
(4 different systems)

Estimated Electricity savings (kWh/yr):
1,795,520 and Natural Gas (Therms/yr): 1,955