Set the Bar for Energy Efficiency

Become a leader in energy conservation.

As a government entity, you're both accountable to and a leader for your constituents. To help you set the standard for energy efficiency, we optimize your infrastructure and design, install, and maintain the energy management systems you need to maximize comfort and savings.

Leading by example not only reduces your utility bills—saving tax payers' money—but also serves as an energy conservation model for your community.

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Featured Projects

City of Fremont  
Fremont, CA  
Customer Profile  

33 Building(s)  


Fremont is the 4th largest city in the
San Francisco Bay Area

Syserco has a 25 Year Partnership in Energy
Efficiency with Fremont

City of Mountain View  
Mountain View, CA  
Public Library  

1 Building(s)  70,000 sq ft.


The City of Mountain View Public Library
serves over 660,000 visitors per year

Reduction of their energy spend to approx.
one half of the recent trending cost

City of South San Francisco  
South San Francsco, CA  
Municipal Services Bldg. and Police Dept.  

2 Building(s)  45,000 sq ft.


Installation of a City – Wide Energy
Management System

Occupied retrofit of 24 x 7 critical facilities