Increase Patient Comfort and Safety While Lowering Energy Costs

Patient care begins with a healthy environment.

From temperature control to airborne germ containment to intelligent energy management, our team helps you improve patient comfort while reducing utility costs.

Experience yields a positive outcome.

Experts at energy-related infrastructure planning, energy management systems, and patient care automation, we understand the intricacies and regulations that accompany large-scale projects for healthcare institutions.

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Featured Projects

Kaiser Permanente  
Oakland, CA  
Kaiser Headquarters – 1950 Franklin  

2 Building(s)  600,000+ sq ft.

Retrofit  LEED   



Retrofit of an Occupied Building

Kaiser Permanente  
Antioch, CA  
New Hospital Campus  

3 Building(s)  637,000 sq ft.

New Construction     


Sutter Alta Bates Hospital  
Oakland, CA  
New Patient Care Pavilion  

1 Building(s)  245,000 sq ft.

New Construction  LEED Silver   

Lean Construction / Integrated Project Delivery

Extensive BIM Modeling of all systems

Sutter California Pacific Medical Campus  
San Francisco, CA  
CPMC Cathedral Hill Hospital  

1 Building(s)  740,000 sq ft.

New Construction  LEED Silver   

OSHPD / Design Build / Preconstruction

Integrated LEAN Project Delivery Team, BIM