Enhance Learning Environments While Lowering Energy Costs

Comfort and concentration go hand in hand.

Classroom temperature and CO2 levels can impact a student's ability to concentrate, and inefficient cooling and heating systems take their toll on school budgets. We partner with school districts to design and install energy management systems that optimize classroom comfort, reduce energy and operational costs, and provide an interactive learning resource for sustainable energy studies.

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Featured Projects

Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District  
Fairfield & Suisun City, CA  
Fairfield Suisun District EE  

Building(s)  1,700,000 sq ft.

Energy Services     

Self-Funding Energy Project Returns over
$110,000/year through energy cost avoidance

Addition of integrated, DDC control for 248
standalone classrooms at 28 schools

Fremont Unified School District  
Fremont, CA  
Customer Profile  

43 Building(s)  


Pioneering participant in PG&E’s Auto Demand
Reduction program

District-wide EMCS provides enhanced Energy
Management routines in over 1500 classrooms

Healdsburg Unified School District  
Healdsburg, CA  
Healdsburg Junior High School Rebuild  

4 Building(s)  100,000+ sq ft.

New Construction,Retrofit     

Phase 2 of a Master Plan to create the
Classroom of the Future

Replaced all aging portable classrooms with
modern “learning suites”

Oakland Unified School District  
Oakland, CA  
Downtown Educational Complex  

4 Building(s)  123,000 sq ft.

New Construction  CHPS   

Sustainable building design is used to provide
optimal learning environments

Ultra-efficient HVAC design minimizes energy

Oakland Unified School District  
Oakland, CA  
Oakland USD District EE  

Multiple Building(s)  520,000 sq ft.

Energy Savings Performance Contract     

ESPC returns over $69,000/year to the district’s
general fund through energy cost savings

Upgrade of existing interior lighting & lighting
controls across 3 district campuses

Palo Alto Unified School District  
Palo Alto, CA  
Energy Management System Upgrade  

19 Building(s)  

Retrofit  CHPS   

Retrofit legacy EMCS to new Alerton open
protocol BACnet

Reduced school energy usage while
maintaining a positive learning environment

San Lorenzo Unified School District  
San Lorenzo, CA  
Bay Area Digital Arts (BADA) Facility  

1 Building(s)  11,000 sq ft.

New Construction     

Professional level, industrial film-production
studio on a K-12 campus