Taiwan Semiconducter Manufacturing Company
San Jose, CA
US Headquarters & Data Center
1 Building(s)   100,000 sq ft.   Retrofit   LEED Gold
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company selected an existing 4-story building in the heart of Silicon Valley for its new United States headquarters and Data Center Operations. Prior to moving in, the building underwent a full mechanical, electrical and architectural renovation. A key component of this upgrade was the conversion of a legacy control system to a modern BACnet based EMCS to provide seamless integration amongst the facility’s multiple electrical and mechanical systems.

The construction team of TSMC, Devcon and United Mechanical chose Syserco not only for our significant Enterprise and Data Center Design/Build experience, but for our ability to design, engineer, program and deliver this facility within the client’s extremely tight timeframe.


Syserco’s solution included the retrofit of a legacy system that controlled the facility’s Air Handling Units, Hot Water Plant, Exhaust Fans, and VAV boxes. Furthermore, controls were installed to integrate the operation of new and upgraded mechanical systems that were added as part of this project. Finally, numerous energy efficiency routines were engineered to help minimize the energy footprint of the building and contribute to its LEED Gold Certification.


In addition to controlling and monitoring the facility’s mechanical systems, the Alerton EMCS also monitors, alarms and controls the many 3rd Party Systems that make up the complete facility infrastructure. This was accomplished using multiple protocols such as MODBUS RTU for the Data Center Power Monitoring Systems, MODBUS TCP to the Data Center Power Distribution Units, BACnet MS/TP to the dedicated Server Room Cooling Systems and BACnet MS/TP to VFDs and Chillers.


As per the client’s requirements, the Alerton EMCS system implemented at Taiwan Semi Conductor Manufacturing’s headquarters was engineered as a true enterprise solution.It is designed to not only meet the immediate control and monitoring needs of TSMC but to easily expand as this global manufacturer’s requirements change.


(4) Rooftop Air Handling Units

Heating Hot Water System (1 Boiler, 2 Hot Water Pumps)

(200) VAV Air Terminal Units

Space CO2 Monitoring and Demand Control Ventilation

(14) Data Center Cooling Units

(1) Data Center Humidification Unit

(1) Data Center Fluid Cooler

Critical Electrical Systems Monitoring, including:
• UPS via Modbus RTU
• Generator via Modbus RTU
• Distrubution Switchboard via Modbus RTU
• Power Distribution Units via Modbus TCP

Fire Life Safety Monitoring

Battery Room Hydrogen Monitoring




Prineville, OR
New Construction  150,000 sq ft.
Multiple Locations Worldwide
Global Critical Infrastructure Control System
New Construction,Retrofit  
Taiwan Semiconductor MFG Co
San Jose, CA
US Headquarters & Data Center
Retrofit  100,000 sq ft.

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