Zynga - 650 Townsend
San Francisco, CA
Corporate Campus
1 Building(s)   780,000 sq ft.   Retrofit   LEED Gold

Located in the Design District of San Francisco, the Zynga world headquarters building was originally constructed in 1990 as a 6-story steel and concrete Indoor shopping Mall. In 2011, the facility was converted into a Class A office building when the social gaming giant bought the building to be their world Head Quarters.


Designed with large floor plates, a huge atrium and concrete decks and columns, the building primarily serves as office space which is laid out in four quadrants. It also has a rooftop parking garage, and an underground “Concourse” level. The building houses a large data center and approximately 20 tenants, including Zynga, with each tenant requiring unique working hours and customized HVAC demand profiles.



The HVAC system is VAV with reheat and the Air Handlers are divided into quadrants, with four large centralized air handlers working in concert to satisfy the environmental demands of each area. The central chilled water plant feeding these air handlers operates 24 hours per day 7 days per week to meet the continuous cooling needs of the building. These complex mechanical systems were controlled by a combination of pneumatics and various legacy DDC systems, causing temperature complaints, maintenance issues, simultaneous heating / cooling, and extremely high energy bills.


In 2012, Zynga selected Syserco as their partner to assist in designing and implementing a strategy to address the above issues. After an initial Energy Management and Control System upgrade of the worst offending areas of the building, Syserco worked closely with the property manager, Cushman & Wakefield, to develop and implement a program of corrective actions, operational and maintenance improvements, and energy conservation measures. As part of this program, Syserco automated the air handlers, added Free Air-Side Cooling by installing VFDs on 16 Atrium EFs, optimized the central plant operation, and replaced 20 antiquated Chilled Water valves with high efficiency intelligent “Energy Valves”.  “Energy Valves” are a technological breakthrough that allows each valve to achieve a “maximum Delta T” at each coil, reducing pump horsepower and increasing chiller efficiency.


These and other measures were implemented in an occupied building, with minimum disruption to operations or tenants and resulted in significant project incentives and over $300,000 per year in utility cost avoidance.


Energy Management & Control System Highlights:

(Include equipment controlled, energy integration performed, size of system, etc.)


  • 16 AHUs

  • 16 rooftop atrium EF

    1000 Zones

    Variable Flow Chilled Water Plant (2 Chillers, 4 Pumps)

    (3) Cooling Towers and Waterside Heat Exchanger

    Heating Water System (2 Boilers, 2 Pumps)

    Energy Savings Features:

    • Belimo Energy Valves
    • Chilled Water Plant Organization
    • VAV AHU Conversion




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