San Jose State University
San Jose, CA
Spartan Complex Renovation
3 Building(s)   300,000 sq ft.   Renovation   LEED Gold

Although the primary objective of the Spartan Complex Renovation was to update the existing structural system for the three-building complex, the project also included major upgrades to the buildings’ mechanical systems. This included the installation of new Air Handling Units, Heating Ventilation Units, Fan Coil Units, Laboratory Air Flow Control Valves, and VAV Terminal Units.Phased renovation projects such as this are complex and require a high level of flexibility and field coordination to meet aggressive project milestones.


The project team chose Syserco to provide an Alerton Energy Management & Control System solution to control and monitor the buildings’ new mechanical equipment. Syserco was selected because of its proven track record of outstanding performance on multi-phase renovation projects and the ability to integrate these buildings into the existing campus Tridium server.


A major component of Syserco’s EMCS solution includes enhanced control strategies for system optimization and energy efficiency. These strategies required extensive collaboration with the College and included the following: Peak Demand Limiting Control, Demand Control Ventilation, Static Pressure Reset, and Hot Water Reset.


In addition to control and monitoring of mechanical systems, Syserco’s solution also includes comprehensive utility metering of the facility’s Electrical, Steam, and Chilled Water systems. Gathering this utility data required the design and fabrication of custom-built metering panels and a complex integration utilizing MODBUS TCP.


Syserco’s Alerton EMCS solution for the San Jose State University Spartan Complex allows the university to efficiently control its mechanical systems, significantly reduce energy consumption and to monitor all Power, Steam, and Chilled Water consumption for this three-building facility.


(20) Air Handling Units

(20) Exhaust Fans

(3) Tertiary HHW Pumps (Campus Loop)

(2) Tertiary CHW Pumps (Campus Loop)

(17) Fan Coil Units

(11) Unit Heaters

(78) VAV Air Terminal Units

(2) Laboratory Air Flow Control Valves

Space CO2 Monitoring for Demand Control Ventilation

Domestic Systems (Control and Monitoring)

Electrical System Monitoring via Modbus

Comprehensive Utility Monitoring
• Power Consumption
• HHW Consumption
• CHW Consumption

Integration to Campus Tridium Server

Enhanced Control Strategies
• Peak Demand Limiting Control
• Demand Control Ventilation
• Static Pressure Reset
  • • Hot Water Reset




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