Alexandria Real Estate - 455 Mission Bay Project
San Francisco, CA
Nektar Headquarters & Bayer Innovation Lab
2 Building(s)   310,000 sq ft.   New Construction   LEED Gold

This two-building laboratory and vivarium buildout was an extremely fast track warm shell and TI of two 105,000 square foot buildings in the Mission Bay area of San Francisco that went from bid, to design, to occupancy in under 6 months. With each building having a unique programmed use, the Core and TI mechanical, control, and monitoring systems were custom designed for each building’s specific needs.


Nektar’s HQ (Building 1) consists of BSL 1 and BSL 2 spaces, a large vivarium, VAV chemistry labs, a data center, and corporate offices, all housed in a single, five-story building. Bayer’s Innovation Center (Building 2) consists of biological research spaces, a vivarium, chemistry labs, cGLP tissue culture labs, and office space. With critical testing and functions occurring, the custom HVAC systems in each building support all environmentally sensitive needs.


The largest challenges of this project were the rapid construction schedule and the two unique BODs to satisfy. In order to meet the fast track design and construction schedule, BIM modeling was performed allowing for pre-fabrication of components and sub-assemblies. BAS elements incorporated into the BIM model included all control panels, central conduit systems, alarm and annunciation devices, room sensors, and wall jacks used for laboratory equipment monitoring.


Because of Syserco’s extensive Bio/Pharmaceutical experience, the team was able to deliver a highly customized solution to each owner that met their budget, schedule, and financial constraints. The challenge of speed and stacked schedules was addressed by assigning an experienced Project Manager who served as a single point of contact throughout the project. The Project Manager oversaw the two separate design and construction teams working in parallel path, allowing Syserco to successfully deliver an integrated solution for two different use cases.




Alexandria Real Estate
San Francisco, CA
Nektar Headquarters & Bayer Innovation Lab
New Construction  310,000 sq ft.
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