Pleasanton, CA
Clorox Company Corporate R&D Campus
6 Building(s)   343,000 sq ft.   New Construction,Retrofit   LEED Gold

Clorox’s new six building campus in Pleasanton, CA was designed and built to further Clorox’s corporate goal of productive collaboration between their people, their business partners, and their communities. To ensure the long-term success of this complex laboratory campus and the collaboration among the 2,500 employees housed at the campus, Clorox chose Syserco as their partner for the design and construction of the Energy Management and Control Systems at the campus.


During the preconstruction phase, the Syserco team worked closely with Clorox, its consultants, and its contractors to develop a highly customized building, laboratory, and pilot plant automation system to meet Clorox’s unique process and research needs.


The campus’ highly specialized systems that require control, monitoring, and alarming range from high containment sensory test chambers, to charcoal burn rooms, to laundry test facilities. Multiple specialty systems were installed for detection of explosive gases, products of combustion, and hydrogen. Over 90 laboratory and pilot plant zones were designed as VAV with occupancy sensors for night setback. Finally, CO2 sensors were used in office areas to enable demand-based ventilation and outside air resets.


Throughout the design and construction process, The Clorox Company expressed three explicit needs that their EMCS should meet. First, they required a solution with scalability, reliability, robustness, and redundancy. Second, they required all critical laboratory and R&D areas to be alarmable to and controlled from a central web based EMCS server. Third, they required a trusted business partner capable of maintaining and modifying the system as the company’s needs changed. Since 2012, Syserco’s experienced laboratory construction and service teams have worked closely with Clorox to meet and exceed these requirements and today, Clorox and Syserco continue to work together, maintaining and improving the campus, progressing Clorox’s goal of collaboration that impacts Clorox products used worldwide.






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