Get the Best View of Your Company's Energy Performance

Optimize energy usage with education and analysis.

The more your building's operators, occupants, and visitors know about energy consumption—and how their behavior affects it—the more they can participate in conservation. Syserco FacilityView makes that knowledge possible.

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FacilityView Dashboard

Publicize Progress and Benefits

Using actual data from your building's meters, Syserco FacilityView provides an engaging visual display of usage, and its impact on your carbon footprint and the environment. Historical information lets viewers see how successful their conservation efforts are, motivating occupants and visitors alike to use energy more wisely.

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FacilityCare Analytics

Analyze and Optimize Performance

The FacilityCare platform is a cutting-edge data analytics tool that gathers data and performs expert analysis on it, yielding valuable information. Featuring SkySpark technology, FacilityCare works with any building automation system, helping building owners and operators quickly find what matters in the vast array of data produced by today’s smart systems.

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