Take Control of Your Lights and Realize the Savings

Maximize energy savings with unified lighting.

Lighting represents 38% of energy consumption in a typical office building. By fully integrating lighting controls into your energy management system, you truly optimize building performance and maximize tenant satisfaction.

an open circuit board interface

Blue Ridge

Choose the ultimate integrated system.

Leveraging the power of BACnet, Blue Ridge lighting systems are key to a truly integrated lighting and HVAC control system. With lighting panels that are designed for new construction and for retrofit, Blue Ridge provides centralized lighting control for almost any facility.

Capitalize on the benefits of integrated lighting controls.

Integrate Lighting Controls with Ease

Utilize native BACnet devices; no gateways are required.

Integrate peripheral control devices from any manufacturer.

Retrofit legacy lighting control panels with ease.

Integrate HVAC and lighting demand response routines.

Share occupancy information between lighting and HVAC systems.

Maximize Efficiency with Granular Controls

Control and schedule Blue Ridge devices from Alerton’s front-end.

Count on controllers’ built-in on/off overrides in emergencies.

Customize light levels using advanced dimming systems.

Reset zone temperatures when spaces are unoccupied.

Meet Title 24 HVAC requirements with zone-level occupancy sensors using the Blue Ridge lighting control network.