Depend on the Syserco Family of Products for Safety and Compliance

Count on reliable environmental control.

Safety and uptime are the most important requirements of your facility. Our critical lab controls offer robust ventilation, environmental, and energy management solutions.

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Life Safety Operation

Ventilation overrides are often required for applications such as toxic gas containment, purge operation, or smoke control. Count on our customizable life-safety strategies.

Environmental Control

Monitor and control critical environmental parameters, including pressure, humidity, and temperature.

Vivarium Controls

Flexible solutions are available for any Vivarium configuration, including cage rack airflow control, VHP management, pressure cascade control, and cage wash systems.

Airflow Management

Ensure safety, environmental compliance, and energy efficiency with ultra reliable, high-speed airflow controls for critical environments.

Fume Hood Control

Maintaining safety, while working within containment fume hoods, is critical. Fast acting, Phoenix Controls brings stability, safety, and energy efficiency to fume hoods.


The Phoenix Controls Solution integrates seamlessly with the Building Automation System for one completely unified front end.

Optimize Your Critical Control Systems

Provide airflow and ventilation control for occupant safety

Ensure environmental compliance

Enable remote notifications

Depend on 24/7/365 emergency support

Maximize operational efficiency

Manage fume hood airflow

Benefit from advanced, variable air volume control

Provide intelligent occupancy-based control

Count on fault detection and diagnostics