Corporate Campuses

Facebook Headquarters

Headquarters and Data Center

Menlo Park, CA

New Construction, Retrofit

57 Building(s) 8,000,000+ sq ft

Four images of Facebook Headquarters

Facebook is the world’s premier Social Networking site with over 2 billion users worldwide. Facebook’s Menlo Park campus serves as its headquarters, corporate showcase, and global hub.

To control its ever growing Northern California headquarters facilities, Facebook selected Syserco to install an Alerton Energy Management & Control Solution across its portfolio of buildings. Syserco was selected for our proven dedication to customer service and our extensive experience implementing enterprise-level EMCS solutions for corporate clients.

Enterprise clients such as Facebook require a control solutions provider with a broad-ranging vision and technical expertise in linking multiple facilities into a single EMCS network accessible from anywhere in the world. Syserco engineered the campus wide Alerton EMCS to be a globally scalable enterprise solution. As an active partner in Facebook’s energy initiatives, Syserco installed, integrated, and mapped in thousands of electrical, water and irrigation sub-meters, and scores of lighting panels into the Alerton Compass central monitoring platform.

Currently, the Alerton EMCS is installed in and controlling over 8 million square feet of Facebook facilities across 57 buildings in Menlo Park, Fremont, Newark, San Francisco, and Burlingame. The Alerton EMCS platform is also installed in Facebook data centers globally.

Specific to Facebook’s Headquarters, the Alerton EMCS controls and monitors the complex MEP systems throughout the campus. The system includes an extensive infrastructure for CO2 monitoring and electrical, gas, and water sub-metering as well as integrations with lighting controls. The system was designed with sophisticated control, energy conservation, and scheduling routines that keep building energy costs low without sacrificing employee comfort. Syserco has implemented an Alerton solution that complies with Facebook’s demanding IT security standards and initiatives. Syserco has rolled out a special network appliance, designed specifically to reduce the EMCS platform’s presence on Facebook’s internal network.

Finally, Facebook has chosen to partner with Syserco to deploy the FacilityCARE Cloud-Based Fault Detection & Diagnostics platform throughout the campus. This technology allows Facebook to detect, diagnose, and control HVAC & building infrastructure faults, interruptions, and alarms in real-time via a data visualization dashboard.

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