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Project Highlight - City of Salinas Police Headquarters & El Gabilan Library

Feb 8, 2019

Syserco is excited to help create local spaces that foster education, safety, and community. In the City of Salinas, Syserco has been an active partner from the fundamental stages of these projects, to current, ongoing construction, and will continue to support the City of Salinas for years to come.

Syserco’s involvement prior to construction has allowed for scope coordination across trades, eliminating scope gaps or overlaps. Syserco’s early involvement has made applying Value Engineering Solutions possible, saving crucial budget dollars, helping to ensure these projects are completed on time and within budget.

At both sites, Syserco will implement Alerton Energy Management Systems, allowing for third party systems integration and Full DDC Control. These solutions provide a complete, simple, and easy to navigate system for the City of Salinas and each of its end users.

Upon project completion, Syserco’s local Service and Engineering Teams will support the City of Salinas to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of their new system.

Syserco is honored to work on these two projects that will immediately and directly affect community members. With more space for proper training at the Police Services Headquarters as well as space for the public to gather, and modern upgrades at El Gabilan Library to ensure everyone from those learning to read, to those preparing for a career change, to students completing homework, has both the space and the resources to learn, develop, and grow, Syserco can proudly say our work is helping to fuel the future.

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