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Project Highlight - County of Santa Clara

Jun 30, 2020

Santa clara office building

The County of Santa Clara’s offices housed an obsolete, inefficient Building Management System. This outdated BMS caused high operating costs, complicated use and troubleshooting for operations personnel, and lacked sophisticated automation and control.

Through collaboration with Syserco, the County offices are now being retrofitted with a new Delta DDC Control System featuring energy efficient equipment, advanced building automation, and simplified maintenance and operations. Alongside these updates, Countywide graphic and construction standards are being created to streamline future projects and maintenance both at this site and across all County facilities.

The County’s need for a new BMS has coincided with the COVID19 pandemic. Deemed essential to County operations, the project was placed on an accelerated construction schedule to continue during shutdown phases. Dedicated Syserco teams are at work to ensure the office spaces are updated as quickly as possible to allow for a safe return to work for essential County employees. Using the newly optimized system to control the office environment, employee health and safety will be kept at the forefront of all building control. Expected completion in August 2020.

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