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Introducing the NEW Alerton Compass 1.5

Nov 9, 2016

Alerton compass 1.5 open and closed

Alerton's Compass Energy Management Software is a powerful, dynamic interface enabling users to monitor and control their facilities from anywhere, at any time.

Compass incorporates the latest browser technology and is truly the marriage of current technology and building automation.

Compass 1.5, the most current update, now offers support for the latest Microsoft OS 10 and Windows Edge support, and includes a number of anticipated features:

LDAP INTEGRATION - Enhance system security by integrating centralized LDAP authentication, while enhancing your users' experience by not having to learn additional passwords.

SUMMARY PAGES - Easily create interactive data tables; particularly useful for the advanced or analytical data user who doesn't need graphical displays.

IMPROVED ALARM MANAGEMENT - Easier to use table format that allows users to easily manage and prioritize alarm data.

IMPROVED DATA TIME MONITORING - Faster display times for time-sensitive applications.

If you do not already have a plan in place to migrate your Alerton EMS, contact us today for more details.

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