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Syserco celebrates with the Real Estate Commercial Office Team for earning $72,000 in Energy Incentives

Feb 16, 2016

Located in Menlo Park, CA, a Commercial Office Customer was awarded an incentive check for nearly $72,000 from PG&E's Energy Efficiency Incentive Program. PG&E's program allows businesses that install high-efficiency energy saving equipment or implement energy saving changes to be rewarded with cash payments based on proven reduction in peak demand (kWh) and annual energy savings.
The seven-building, 374,000 sq ft. campus is situated on 19.8 acres and located in the heart of Silicon Valley at the geographic midpoint of the San Francisco Peninsula. Built from 1985 to 1990 the campus was ready for a major energy efficiency overhaul when purchased by a prominent Real-Estate group in 2012.

The commercial office facility's team upgraded their campus from stand-alone pneumatics system to a state-of-the-art Alerton EMCS system. The retrofit solution included a brand new Alerton Compass Graphical User Interface, as well as new controls for:

6Hot Water Systems

24 Rooftop Package Units

289 VAV with Reheat

175 VAV Cooling Only

The upgrade also included several energy optimization strategies, including:

Start/Stop Optimization

Outdoor Air Compressor Lockout

Supply Temperature Reset

Static Pressure Reset

Outdoor Air Lockout

Scheduling Optimization

Syserco, Inc.

An industry leader in developing and delivering energy saving solutions, our team provides turnkey project design and delivery services that address infrastructure needs, and dramatically improves energy efficiency and the environment of care. Whether you are building new facilities or retrofitting existing ones, our solutions and services improve system performance, lower operating costs and deliver savings for years to come.

At Syserco, we have one goal - to deliver superior energy management solutions and systems that simplify operations, enhance comfort, and reduce operational costs for our partners.

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