Higher Education

Chabot / Las Positas College

Central Plant / Thermal Energy Storage

Hayward, CA

New Construction

2 Building(s)

Four Chabot college buildings

The Chabot Las Positas Community College District is continually searching for ways to reduce their energy usage. Together with Syserco as their energy optimization partner, the District created an energy reduction plan centered on the installation of a common Building Automation System in all facilities across both campuses. To date, the Enterprise Level Alerton Automation System is controlling over 80 buildings across the District’s two campuses in Hayward and Livermore.

To further reduce energy usage, a second phase in the plan consisted of moving central plant usage to non-peak periods. The District incorporated Syserco into their design/build team to analyze both campuses’ needs and to design new central plants, cogeneration, and thermal energy storage systems, all to be integrated into the existing campus utility and BAS infrastructure.

The central cooling system at each campus consists of chilled glycol generation, primary/secondary/tertiary distribution system, ice tanks, multiple heat exchangers and large cooling towers. Each campus’ heating system consists of centralized boilers and features primary/secondary distribution. To maximize energy saving benefits, the college chose to tightly integrate the new central plants into their existing Alerton Energy Management System.

The systems at the two campuses in the Chabot Las Positas Community College District have been installed over a period of 20 plus years and span multiple generations of Alerton products. These sites serve as an example of Syserco and Alerton providing product and technology innovation while maintaining compatibility, integration, and ease of use across generations, protecting an owner’s long-term investment.

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