Higher Education

Santa Rosa Junior College

Burdo Culinary Arts Center

Santa Rosa, CA

New Construction

1 Building(s) 22,000 sq ft.

Santa Rosa Junior college buildings

With nearly 3,000 faculty and staff and more than 33,000 students enrolled each semester, Santa Rosa Junior College is one of the largest employers in Sonoma County and one of its biggest consumers of energy. To offset their large environmental footprint, SRJC recycles approximately 75 percent of its solid waste and implements energy-saving programs to optimize the energy efficiency of its facilities. Through these programs the College saves taxpayer’s money while lessening their impact on the planet.

The SRJC Culinary Arts Center project features a sophisticated EMCS control design for the central plant that leverages multiple protocols (BACnet, Modbus) for the integration and control of the chillers, cooling tower, condenser, and hot water systems. Additional energy savings is realized by integrating the solar thermal system and storage tanks into the central plant operation. A variable flow kitchen hood exhaust system was designed and installed by Syserco that further reduces the energy consumption of the facility while ensuring indoor air quality is maintained.

SRCJ is a socially and environmentally responsible institution and relies on its partnership with Syserco and the Alerton Energy Management System installed throughout its campuses to help meet their sustainability goals and energy reduction targets.

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