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Playing a key role in the economic growth and industry innovation of Silicon Valley, the City of Fremont is home to more than 220,000 residents and innovative businesses such as Tesla Motors, Western Digital, and Boston Scientific. Planning and providing for the needs of a growing city of this size requires forward-thinking investments in infrastructure and facilities that operate with energy efficiency and sustainability.

Since the early 1990s, the City of Fremont and Syserco have collaborated to develop and implement energy management solutions for major public-use, city administration, and support facilities throughout the City.

The Alerton Energy Management and Control System in the City of Fremont has been designed to provide single seat energy management and control of over 35 city buildings. To maximize the City’s operation and maintenance budget, the City has entered a “Parts and Smarts” partnership program with Syserco wherein Syserco provides City maintenance team members with factory certified Alerton technical training sessions. With the high-level of system engineering, programming, and installation knowledge gained in these courses, City maintenance staff regularly self-perform building retrofit projects, expanding the Alerton EMCS network and further reducing energy costs.

Syserco’s executive team sits on several planning and strategic committees for the City of Fremont, providing consultation to the City on their infrastructure and EMCS system growth. With Syserco’s corporate headquarters in Fremont, Syserco looks forward to continuing to serve the growing needs of the City of Fremont for decades to come.

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