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City of South San Francisco

Municipal Services Bldg. and Police Dept.

South San Francsco, CA


2 Building(s) 45,000 sq ft.

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To meet its initiative to reduce energy consumption, the City of South San Francisco started by identifying its largest consumers of energy by building and by system. During this process the City found its Municipal Services Buildings and Police Department Headquarters were the largest energy users and furthermore that its lack of a centralized HVAC control system heightened its wasteful consumption.

Never having the benefit of a modern energy management and control system at any City facilities before, the City of South San Francisco required a partner who could provide a high level of training and support for the City staff, along with an open, easy to use BACnet based system. The City chose Syserco as their HVAC partner for our track record of success with multiple municipal clients, flexible project approach, local training facilities, and extensive experience with open protocol BACnet systems.

Syserco designed a phased approach to address the City’s initial and long-term needs centered around an enterprise grade Alerton EMCS. Phase I consisted of a new Alerton system for the Municipal Services Building and Police Department Headquarters together with a central server with HTML5 mobile access to all controlled facilities.

The new Alerton system provides City operations staff the ability to remotely access all buildings, centrally schedule public events in the MSB, proactively respond to temperature issues, and efficiently run all facilities.

As a result of this project, the City of South San Francisco has found increased staff productivity, resolved comfort issues in public rental spaces and for City staff in office, and most importantly. significantly reduced the City’s energy consumption and costs.

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