Bio/Pharmaceutical Labs

CS Bio

New cGMP Peptide Manufacturing Facility

Menlo Park, CA

New Construction, Retrofit LEED Gold

1 Building(s) 55,000 sq ft.

Three Photos of the CS Bio building

CS Bio provides high quality automated peptide synthesis instrumentation and peptides to the life sciences industry. Their products are used for important pharmaceutical research, clinical trials, and cGMP manufacturing. To meet the rapidly rising demand for their products, CS Bio required expanded space across all departments. On a restricted schedule with an immediate need for the additional space, CS Bio chose to build a new facility using a design / build / validate approach. CS Bio selected Syserco as their HVAC controls partner on this project for Syserco’s expertise in pharmaceutical industry HVAC systems and experience operating within and meeting restricted timelines.

CS Bio’s new three-story facility consists of 11,700 square feet of cGMP peptide manufacturing areas, QC Laboratories, and office space. Using the Alerton suite of products, Syserco installed an intelligent HVAC system to maintain critical pressurization and directional airflow in clean spaces and laboratories, while providing differential pressure monitoring and alarming for QA/QC data. Because of the peptide production process there are many hazardous areas in the facility and the team chose Syserco to provide the multiple life safety monitoring and alarm systems including toxic gas detection, O2 depletion, and lower explosive limit (LEL) detection and mitigation.

Syserco’s Service Team continues to support CS Bio’s ongoing operations by providing regular calibration and service on the complex series of controllers and sensors that run this cGMP facility. This operational partnership and continued maintenance allow CS Bio to sustain high levels of quality and compliance across their systems and end products.

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