Data Centers


Headquarters and Data Center

Menlo Park, CA

New Construction,Retrofit

15 Building(s) 1,882,000 sq ft.

Four industrial photos of Facebook Headquarters

Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has become the recognized leader in social networking enabling over 2 billion users to connect with the world through its platform. In order to support its large volume of users, Facebook has constructed multiple data center facilities throughout the United States and the world. Each data center is considered a “mission critical” facility, requiring redundant building systems, complex control algorithms for building cooling, and dedicated project teams for project delivery.

In late 2012, Facebook selected Prineville, Oregon as its next location for a mission critical data center facility and chose Syserco to implement the Energy Management & Control System (EMCS). Syserco was selected by the Facebook project team for our strong reputation for technical expertise with Alerton controls, dedicated project team staffing, and proven history of delivering remote projects on time, on budget, with high quality.

Facebook’s data center in Prineville (PRN-4) was engineered to meet stringent uptime requirements and aggressive Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) energy efficiency targets. To ensure uptime and energy efficiency, Syserco’s control solution included precise control of the facility’s complex Computer Room Air Handling (CRAH) units as well as integration with the building’s critical electrical infrastructure monitoring system (EPMS). The CRAH units were provided with dedicated hard-wired control and the EPMS system was integrated into the Alerton system using MODBUS TCP. Finally, Syserco supported the project team during Factory Acceptance Testing and Integrated System Testing to ensure that all systems operated as specified with maximum up-time.

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