Data Centers


580 North Mary – Corporate Headquarters

Sunnyvale, CA

New Construction LEED Gold

1 Building(s) 125,000 sq ft.

three images showing the inside of the LinkedIn headquarters

LinkedIn is the world’s premier professional networking service with over 260 million users in 200 countries around the world and this new headquarters facility serves as their corporate showcase and hub. The facility is not only an aesthetic masterpiece, but has proven to be a very comfortable and efficient working environment. The building is served by a Central Chilled Water and Hot Water Plant, Variable Air Volume Air Handling Units, Variable Air Volume control zones, an extensive Kitchen Exhaust System, and multiple Computer Room Cooling Units to maintain the temperature in several critical data rooms.


To control its new headquarters facility, Linkedin selected Syserco to install a state-of-the-art Alerton Energy Management & Control System. Syserco was selected not only because of its proven dedication to customer service, but also because of its history of implementing enterprise-level EMCS solutions for corporate clients similar to Linkedin. Such clients require a control solutions provider with broad-ranging vision and the capability of linking multiple facilities into a single EMCS network accessible from anywhere in the world. To achieve this goal and to meet the unique global demands of Linkedin, Syserco engineered the Alerton EMCS installed at 580 N. Mary as a completely scalable enterprise solution; which has been expanded to incorporate all of Linkedin’s facilities around the world.

Currently the Alerton EMCS is installed in and controlling over one million square feet of Headquarters space in Sunnyvale, Mountain View and San Francisco, CA. Furthermore, as of 2015, the Alerton System has been expanded internationally into critical LinkedIn facilities in 33 cities in 16 countries around the globe.

Specific to 580 N. Mary, the Alerton EMCS controls and monitors the complex mechanical systems heating and cooling Linkedin’s flagship facility. The system includes an extensive infrastructure for CO2 monitoring and Electrical, Gas, and Water sub-metering. The system was designed with sophisticated control, energy conservation and scheduling routines that enable Linkedin to keep building energy costs low without sacrificing employee comfort. Altogether, the Alerton EMCS system installed by Syserco allows Linkedin’s engineering staff the ability to maintain and operate its global real estate portfolio from anywhere in the world.

(3) Built-Up VAV Air Handling Units

Variable Flow Primary Chilled Water System (2 Chillers, 2 Cooling Towers)

Heating Water System

(184) VAV control zones

(10) Fan Coil Units

(10) Exhaust Fans

Control and Monitoring of Critical Spaces and Equipment (Server Rooms, UPS Units)

Space CO2 Monitoring and Demand Control Ventilatio

Variable Volume Kitchen Exhaust System (1 Makeup Air Unit & 3 KEF)

HVAC Integration Facts:

• Integration to MeLink VAV Kitchen System via MODBUS RTU

• VFDs via BACnet

• Chiller via BACnet

• Boiler via BACnet

Electical Integration Facts:

• Building Electrical Metering

• Extensive Electrical Sub-Metering

• Gas Metering

• Irrigation, Domesic, Kitchen HVAC Water Metering

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