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Aging Room HVAC Upgrade

Oakville, CA


1 Building(s) 70,000 sq ft.

Photos of the view from the front door of the OPUS winery showing green fields

Set on 100 acres of vineyards in the heart of the Napa Valley, the Opus One Winery is a unique blend of California architecture and French Modernism. A collaborative joint venture between Baron Philippe de Rothschild and the Robert Mondavi Winery, the 70,000 square foot, low profile structure is an elite wine production facility and event and tasting destination.

Built in 1991, its engineers originally planned to use natural cooling throughout its underground barrel rooms. This proved impossible when they learned that the water table on the property is extremely high and near geothermal springs that raise the ground temperature to above 72 degrees. Because the winery produces just one type of wine, which takes at least three years to age, the control of the barrel rooms’ temperature and humidity are critical to the success of the business.

In 2008, Opus One decided to update their HVAC equipment and systems to ensure ideal conditions for wine production and storage. Based on Syserco’s experience in systems which control critical environments, Opus One chose Syserco to install and maintain an advanced Alerton Building Automation System to control and monitor the facility’s critical process operations. The intelligent system alarms operational staff when environmental conditions, critical to the quality of the wine, are not being met, allowing for quick intervention. Through constant monitoring of air quality, temperature, and humidity, the system ensures the quality and integrity of the legendary Opus One wine throughout its aging process.

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