Commercial Offices

181 Fremont

181 Fremont - Confidential Tenant

San Francisco, CA

New Construction LEED Platinum

1 Building(s) 670,193 sq ft.

The skyline around 181 Fremont

181 Fremont is a mixed-use high-rise in the “South of Market” district of San Francisco, standing over 800 feet tall, spanning 56 stories. The top 17 floors of the building feature 55 luxury residences with listing prices up to $15 million.

181 Fremont is the only residential tower in San Francisco to be pre-certified LEED Platinum, serving as a new standard in energy efficiency. The high-rise leverages its mixed usage occupancy in creative ways to maximize its energy efficiency. “Waste” heat created by commercial tenants is conserved by heat pumps and then used to heat water for residential tenants. The high-rise also features a treatment and recycling system to turn graywater, from both commercial and residential occupants, into potable water.

Syserco was selected as the preferred controls integrator at 181 Fremont for proven expertise in providing secure networks to separate the residential areas and common systems from the corporate office space of the social media tenant. Syserco formed this highly secure and separate network in accordance with strict IT standards to ensure the protection and integrity of highly sensitive data used and stored by the tenant. Syserco worked closely with both the owner and the occupying tenant to create these independent networks on both sides while maintaining high functionality and ease of use. During design and construction, Syserco collaborated closely with the construction design team to achieve maximum energy efficiency with controls integration into the grand design of this mixed-use high-rise.

181 Fremont has received multiple milestone awards, including LEED Platinum accreditation and 3 honors at the 2019 Tall+Urban Innovation Conference; Award of Excellence for the 2019 Best Tall Building 200-299 Meters, Award of Excellence for the 2019 MEP Engineering Award, and Winner of the 2019 Structural Engineering Award.

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