Commercial Offices

Uber Mission Bay

Uber Global Headquarters - Mission Bay

San Francisco, CA

New Construction LEED Platinum

2 Building(s) 1,000,000 sq ft

Three Exterior shots of the Uber Mission Bay Building

Uber’s new global headquarters in Mission Bay serves to consolidate its multiple San Francisco offices, bringing together its workforces and allowing for greater collaboration. With unique design elements and exciting technologies, the one million square foot space sets a new standard for Urban Development Campuses.

The vision for the Mission Bay Uber Campus design centered on a space to facilitate teamwork and collaboration. Multiple architectural elements and integrated technologies help to achieve this goal. A bridge connecting the two North Towers, open office layouts, and common spaces throughout, foster sought after team collaboration. Indoor environmental systems create safe, comfortable, and healthy workspaces to promote employee wellness.

Uber selected Syserco as the preferred controls integrator at their headquarter campus for proven expertise in providing seamlessly integrated automation systems within complex designs. Syserco worked with the design, construction, and Uber leadership teams to bring this project from the drawing board to reality. Syserco provided integrated solutions for many unique systems at this campus including:

  • 160 10’x8’ Operable Window Sections and 40 Operable Skylights designed for automatic control of Natural Ventilation
  • Advanced Weather Station Control
  • Radiant Floors and Ceiling Panels for Space Conditioning
  • Underfloor Ventilation
  • Granular Utility Sub-Metering
  • Solar and Bloom Alternative Energy Management
  • Data Integration across Smart Building Technologies
  • Smoke Control Integration with Operable Windows & Mechanical Systems
  • Managing Consistent Deliverables across Multiple Owner Stakeholders, GCs, and Subs

Syserco’s system weaves together these many complex technologies to ensure ease of use, to provide comfort and health, and to maximize energy efficiency.

Uber Mission Bay is LEED Platinum and WELL v2 Certified for its accomplishments in energy efficiency and sustainability, all supported by Syserco’s integration designs. Syserco is proud to be a key supporting partner of this modern development campus.

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