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Syserco Midwest - One Pierce Place

Commercial Office

Itasca, IL


1 Building(s) 525,422 sq. ft.

One Pierce Place building front

Located in the business-friendly community of Itasca, Illinois, One Pierce Place features over 500,000 square feet of Energy Star Certified and LEED Gold Certified office space.

In 2021, One Pierce Place partnered with Syserco Midwest to replace an obsolete controls system with a new, fully integrated system. Syserco also implemented 6 energy conservation measures (ECMs) at the building including 3 air related measures and 3 water related measures. Syserco aided One Pierce Place in obtaining a utility rebate program. The incentives from this program provided 100% of the funds for the BAS replacement project. With the creative solutions offered by Syserco, One Pierce Place upgraded their system, incorporated energy conservation measures, and received incentive dollars from their energy savings to fund their upgrades.

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