Healdsburg Unified School District

Healdsburg Junior High School Rebuild

Healdsburg, CA

New Construction,Retrofit

4 Building(s) 100,000+ sq ft.

4 photos of different locations in the Healdsburg school district

Healdsburg Unified School District’s vision statement reads, “Students will become contributing, responsible, and active participants in their community, demonstrating individual respect and responsibility.” To realize this vision, Healdsburg USD provides an innovative education program in an ideal learning environment. To help create these ideal learning environments, Healdsburg USD selected Syserco as their technology partner to design and implement efficient systems to maintain optimal classroom environments with minimal energy consumption and operational costs.

On the first day of school in 2014, Healdsburg Junior High students entered an entirely remodeled school from the one they left only three months earlier. “It now opens up an entirely new attitude about welcoming the community and the kids and letting the sunshine in – it makes a big difference,” said Principal Bill Halliday. Additionally, each classroom was remodeled with new carpet, paint, technology, HVAC systems, and the latest energy management and student comfort algorithms by Syserco.

To make this vision a reality, Syserco provided an Alerton Energy Management Control System solution for monitoring and control of all HVAC units to ensure comfortable temperatures and optimal indoor air quality for students, teachers, and staff. This new work was incorporated into Healdsburg USD’s ongoing service support program with Syserco to ensure their optimal operation and the continued supply of premier learning environments for the District’s students.

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