Syserco Midwest - West Chicago Elementary School District

STEM and Innovation Labs across School District

West Chicago, IL


6 Building(s) 68,070 sq. ft.

West Chicago ESD 33 STEM lab

The West Chicago Elementary School District required an update to their existing infrastructure to accommodate STEM curriculum requirements. The mandated STEM curriculum also required an upgrade to (5) libraries to create innovation centers, conducive to STEM curriculum activities.

Across (6) buildings, obsolete controls were replaced, and innovation centers and STEM labs were added. The District-wide system is networked to a centralized server along with the remaining Syserco controlled district schools and an educational services center.

The Innovation and STEM areas are heated and cooled by upgraded DX RTU’s and central boiler plants. The Syserco Midwest installed Alerton Compass system allows for significant future expansion should the District ever require it. Systems were upgraded from multizone and VAV application provides superior individual area control. This application offers significant energy savings when coupled with the Syserco engineered energy programs.

The Syserco-installed Building Automation System consists of approximately (33) controllers and Alerton Compass Enterprise system providing control and monitoring.

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